Mesmerised by people and the peculiar, with a fascination with going deeper, Nicole has always written stories. 

Being queer 🏳️‍🌈, neurodiverse 🧠 and British 🇬🇧Indo 🇨🇳🇮🇳Guyanese 🇬🇾she's seen life from many different angles which shows in her writing even when she's not writing about being 'other'. 


At sixteen Nicole wrote and directed her first film and has gone on to write and direct for both screen and stage since, with her work being shown at various theatres including, the Lyric Hammersmith, The Bunker and the Tristan Bates.


After college Nicole established herself as a successful video producer, producing work for Kew Gardens and Barclays bank amongst others.   Then after a few years of working she made an opportunity to fulfil her dream, completing the MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media at The Central School of Speech and Drama.


Since then she has completed Kali Theatre Writer's Programme (2017), The Royal Court Writer's Group (2018) and several other writing programmes.  She is currently on a Mentorship Scheme run by Tamasha and Hachette and has been nominated for the Alfred Fagon Award (2019)

Nicole writes for all mediums, specialising in theatre and film.  Exploring big ideas, told through the lives of everyday people, Nicole’s writing compliments her passion for social and environmental justice.